Saturday, December 19, 2009

It's Raining Sunshine

I like this song and saw the video. I wanted to make a drawing of it. "Believe in what you see... It's raining sunshine!" Watch the video!

Cute Girl Design

I made a girl with choices of how she would look. I asked my family to choose the designs and made this girl. Click to see it bigger.

Cleaning Alice

I took Alice from Alice in Wonderland and made her Cleaning Alice. :)

2 Best Friends

These BFFs are totally different but that doesn't matter.

The Witch of the Night

I drew this for my friend named Crystal. She likes witches. Click the picture to see it bigger.

Starfish in the Sea

I did this when I was seven. I thought it would be nice to go on this page. I made it out of tissue paper and glue.